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Print of  “Patterns of Memory”
The original painting was created using a combination of gouache painting, letterpress printing, and collage techniques on translucent paper.
“Patterns of Memory” original painting was a part of the exhibition
– Patterns of Memory –
at The Crown, Oakland, California 2019

Momoca works with translucent paper for its delicate, uncertain, yet flexible quality, a similarity she experiences
in her travels – seeing through what is in front of her, guessing at what is underneath, and imagining what is real and what is illusion.

In this exhibition, she experiments with LetterPress printing on translucent paper, layering and patching gouache painting that interprets the patterns and colors she has observed in temples, forts, gardens, and indigenous crafts during her travels. Her artwork is a way for her to digest and reflect on her memories of traveling, which combine, overlap, and fade over time, becoming
patterns of memory.

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